Friday, April 24, 2015

Raid at Heaðuswát Cirice (Battle Blood Church)

Cuthwulf once again gathered his troops to rain the Briton lands this time the target chosen was a church (perhaps at the instigation of our new Wicca Priestess, Norgyth) the stream was not a significant factor beyond slowing my initial advance in a minimal way
John cam on in close proximity to the church but his position bottle necked him some what.  That swamp was the key terrain piece of the battle.
You can see how the Briton formation has to pass through the bottle neck corked by the swamp or move to one side or the other.
Both sides jockey for position.
I have gotten men in the church (this I believe is a mistake Looting is a 6 on a 1d6 and you have to pass twice, and your odds never get better... I should have kept that group in the fight)
Deorling confronts the Briton elites but decides...
its better to fall back to cover.
the elites attack I hold only because I have cover...
a bit of stand off has developed in the center as Cuthwulf and one of his Hearthguard move off to deal with the Briton elites.
John breaks away...
Still as stand off in the center my men are continuing to try to loot the church without success. My archers are picking away at one unit of Briton Warriors.  To the left John breaks one of my my Elites...
but the other comes up behind his elites and break them.
Both sides are fairly even as the battle enters mid stage.  there is a lot of back in forth maneuvering by Bergred and the Britons in the center.  The Swamp Deorling drives off the Briton Slingers but is overwhelmed by the levies.
Bergred launches a final charge that results in breaking a unit of warriors on both sides
Cuthwulf has rejoined the fight and call the warriors out of he church his two unit put a levy to route and the others withdraw.  Bergred's force is driven back(at the bottom)
Bergred is no trying to escape both sides moral is hanging by threads.  Cuthwulf tries to reach and save his old comrade.
Bergred manages to dance away for a while and I use the stand forth card and try to take john in the rear but my movement is far short.
Bergred's men are killed and he is over run and captures.  Deorling died with his men in the swamp. This was the bloodiest battle yet the Saxon's lost 29 men including 6 elites as well as a noble killed and another wounded. The Britons lost 22 men killed. This gives John a +4 victory his first in a while, fortunately for me the heavy losses on both sides mean the same recovery time though John as gained two additional warriors.  I need to roll up two new nobles.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh too many cool kick starters!

I am jumping on this one a the last minute they will work well with the Mouslings or I hope they will 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Viking Bondi

With new troops Joining Cuthwulf's war-band I picked up the Wargames Factory box of "Viking Bondi" and was very pleasantly surprised. The poses and sculpts were better than then figures in the Viking Thengs box set.
Here are the First two units worth of them. some of them will be mixed in with existing units to give them a better look the spear-men will be there own unit.
Banner man for the new unit once again using one of Ray's flags.
Runic Shield for this fellow.
I kept the shields simple this time.
These guys went together a lot better and there were no awkward one like up stances to deal with
I striped the tunic since we don't hae armor to paint this time.

Another striped tunic.

The Blue came out really well for this guy

One of my signature swill pattern shields

Spear men these guys will probably act as a unit either all six together as warriors or 4 of them as "skirmishers" if I ever get that kind of mercenary troops
I went with a dark color palate for the troops but

A little bright color color for the shield.

The wash came off looking like it has blood on it.

Sorry it's hard to find new stuff to say about this many Dark age warriors.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Watchful Studio Kickstarter.

After some consideration I have decided I want to be a small part of this project. Ready Guy Kay's book River of Stars has got me thinking of Chinese Gaming though I don't know that I will actually run any games.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fighting Withdrawal against the Soviet Horde

Sunday was a quiet day at the Whiz but I found Ricardo there and he has soviet army he wanted to test out and I was happy to oblige him.  He was running Guards Tankovy from Desperate Measures while I had 116 Panzers from Panzers to the Muse. I had thought to run on of my gray wolf lists but the Whiz wireless network was down so I could not bump any of them up to 1900 points. (I also forgot my camera so we got a few pictures form Ricardo's phone)
Here you can see my troops defending the line of the road with two Platoons of Panzer Grenadiers. Facing them is a large platoon of T-34s and a smaller one of IS-2s
My third Panzer Grenadiers are in the woods in the center, their halftracks sent to the rear as they are only targets against more than 30 Soviet tanks.
Another Platoon of T-34's is threatening my open right flank.
On the left I lose on Panzer IV right off. My return fire gets only one hit.
On the Right I spring my ambush but only got one bailed out tank my shooting was good but I am doing badly with my fire power rolls.
Ricardo took out on StuG I maneuver for space and time. 
Brought in my Panzer IVs and kill one T-34 and bale out two more but suffer greatly from the return fire.
Smoke slows things down a bit on the left but Ricardo is closing in.
My poor luck with shooting continues but Ricardo is running out of time.  He had to make a charge on the left but my Panzerfaust armed troops took out 4 T-34s and bailed several others.  It was a hard end for a some one who had played a very good game. Hopefully Ricardo's travel schedule will allow him to get to the Whiz in the future as it was a very interesting game.