Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Challenger Entry: Two and Two-Thirds Tercio

These are 10mm figures form Warmonger Miniatures a local company in Worcester MA that I supported via the Kickstarter they have a small line of landsknecht troops. There are 60 Pikemen and 60 arquebusiers.
The Front two stands each with 20 Arquebusiers are in gray and red...
They are painted to match a unit of Pikemen I painted a few years ago.
The second groups is 30 Pike men in brown with orange in the slashes typical of the landsknecht uniforms.
The two sleeves of arquebusiers are in matching uniforms.
As above.
Rear view of the pikemen
One of the things I love about this set is the musician is a fiefer not a drummer.
Here we have the last group another 30 pikemen in golden brown and with blue in the slashes
Hear are the two sleeves of arquebusiers are show form the rear since you saw the other guys from the front.
Rear of the pike men, the flags are hand painted. This isn't my best work but it is only the second time I have worked in this scale and the detail on these small figures is impressive, I think they have more detail then many 15mm figures. I think I might need to give them a wash I can't recall if I did or not with the last set or note. Any way please check out Warmonger they have great products. Also a pack of 30 arquebusiers are available on my blog as a part of my 1000 post giveaway

Monday, February 8, 2016

Arms and Armor at the Metroplitain museam

A few Weeks go I had the chance to make it to New York City and spent some time in the Metropolitan Museum checking out their impressive collection of arms and armor.  Some images are below and you can see the full collection on face book here: Met Armor collection

This first set are several swords form the late medieval and early Renaissance periods.

These are some Brigandine armor, plates riveted to cloth sort of a poor mans plate armor.

Below are images of the internal plates of the armor.
A two handed sword, a much more elegant weapon than many would believe.

Some later period armor, I believe these are pieces are from the 15th to 17th century

Clearly the armor of a well of warrior.

This suite belonged to Henery the VIII probably made for his last campaign in 1544 or so.
and 18th century European hunting sword.
Armor from India
and armor form Japan.
This last one was a favorite as I fence with the small sword at renactments.

Once again you can see lots more stuff here: Met armor Album

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dragon Rampant: River of Doom

So this is a variation on the Plane of Doom scenario.  Mike and Frank (though Frank bowed out when it was time for X-wing to start) commanded the "Northmen" army list while Dave and I commanded the Necromancer list
 As you can see there is a river running through the center of the board really its more of a good sized stream difficult going except at the fords.
 The Banshees(Green) are scouts and the wraiths (black) are Heavy cavalry
 The Northmen's' heavy riders advance..
 As does the rest of their right wing except for the bellicose foot.  The Undead are having a hard time getting there men in motion.
 Out riders advance on the ford to the left.
 The Northmen are over the river on the right...
 Skeletons are quickly battered down
 Only one still stands
 Dave has the necromancer snip the Northmen leader.
 The Banshees Shoot the Berserkers and send them running (bad Roll by Frank) The Wraiths strike the Heavy cavalry and drive them back.
 The dead are holding the right wing.
 The Northmen are pressing in on the left...
 and battling in the center were the elite Cultist battle the Northmen leader
 The out riders flee from the Ghouls!
 Cultists continue to repel attackers
 The berserkers damage the Wraiths badly but fail their courage and break off.
 The dead are pressing forward on the left and have held the center and though battered the Wraiths are now free on the right  Missile fire takes down the leader of the Northmen and their archers fail their courage test
 The Ghouls have pressed over the river...
 And take the bondi in the flank...
 Driving them back
 The Northmen in the center now alone begin to withdraw.
 The wraiths charge the archer I inflict only one casualty but because wraiths inflict fear the unit routs with Mike rolls a 2 which is a 0 as the unit lost 1 man and another -1 from fear.  My wraiths are gone but Mikes army is thrown in to confusion as each unit mus check as they have only 4 units
Two more units fail, one routs and one is battered and Mike gives up the game.  The Dead have won

Challenge Entry 11 Frosgrave Figures

So there are bunch of eclectic pieces that will all find themselves on the Frosgrave table at some point
So My oriental wizard is Chinese but some his mussel can be Japaneses these two Samurai are old Reaper pieces
I'll probably use the Templar's stats for both of them as they are armoured and have a two handed weapon
Armoured skeleton or possibly a wrath knight figure I added the shield form a Fire Forge Kit as the Reaper shield was in the shape of a skull and looked very tacky
I might need a little more armor wash for contrast.

These two are called Cultists by Reaper but I am planning to use them as a wizard and Apprentice leading a war band of Cultists
They will probably be Necromancers or maybe Summoners.
Vampires are common in Frostgrave, they just froze with the city and thawed out when it did... and they thawed out hungry. Another Reaper pieces I like the idea of an armoured warrior vampire, seems closer to the Vlad who at least partly inspired the legends.
The cloak suggest wings, and maybe turns into them? in a magic world anything is possible.
The Core of another war band for a Frostgrave band for a game I am running at Huzzah.
A man at arms, an Artisan figure with an axe from the Frostgrave soldiers kit.
I hand painted the shield with two colours and runes to keep it simple but I think it looks good.
I used blue cloaks to tie these together.
This fellow will be the Captain of the Wizards war band a new class from the sell sword expansion.
the Captain takes care of running the troops, his skills can be customised and he has "tricks of the trade" that can boost him or his comrades.
The Horn winding soldier will act as a Bard for the war band I figure a herald and a bard are similar enough that this will work as a substitution.
Finally we have the wizard
He looks a lot like a certain literary wizard who liked to hang around with hobbits (at least how he looked before Ian Mckellen forever put his stamp on him). This is a Dark Tree figure I got myself as an Xmas gift.
This is the first of their figures I have done and I really liked painting it, they have lots of detail and character.
I like the sprouting leaves on the staff I decided to make them green, they might be green because of paint or Magic.
Finally we have the Shadow Demon from Reaper, its a translucent purple material.
I did a black wash and then some light purple dry brushing I wanted to give the impression that the demon had just been summoned and was materialising before us.
You can still see light through the figure in places especially the wings.