Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Well of Darkness

Another one of those cool terrain pieces that I wish Reaper made more of.  This is called the Well of Darkness and it has a distinctly Lovecraftian feel to it. I love the fact that it sows some damage but is mostly in tact. I used neural gray and dark german gray paints from Vallejo and bronze for the for the metallic bits.  I also put just the slightest bit of green in the upper right of the structure to suggest some moss clinging to the stone. I have some plans for the bowl of the well but for now black will do..
The rear of the model is just as nice with its strange arcane writing.  I am looking forward to making this a key part of some mission to Frostgrave.

Here is an idea for using it in the game when a Wizard drinks from the well he must make an will test opposed by a D20 rolled by his opponent.  If he wins he gains a +1 to an ability score for the rest of the game,  if he loses the test he must roll on the permanent injury table and suffers that ailment for the remainder of the game.

New ships and a pair of Bargain miniatures.

So John M played Naval thunder for the first time a few weeks ago and enjoyed the game, so much so that he went and got a British Fleet.  This was all the excuse I needed to get some German ships.
Interestingly these are all the ships you need to run most of the Historical scenarios in Naval thunder that involve the Germans.  One Bismark class battle ship, two Scharnhorst class battle cruisers, a Hipper class Cruiser and a Deutschland class Cruiser also know as a "Pocket Battleship." I will need some German Destroyers and Torpedo boats at some point but for now US or Japanese Destroyers will work.
I also found these steels at Hobby bunker's Game day two Samurai figures from Reapers Daimyo line. I have no idea what I will do with them but when you quality figures for under a dollar you buys.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ghost to Haunt Frostgrave

So this lady has already made a little appearance on Facebook so she maybe familiar.  This is the Labella DeMornay, Banshee from Reaper.  She comes as that green semi-transparent plastic in the bones line.
I hit her with two coats of black armor wash and then a dry brush of Vallejo Yellow Green to provide her with some depth and contrast.  I also sniped the base a little bit so she wouldn't look quite as anchored to the ground.  She'll soon be terrorizing visitors to Frost grave.

Monday, August 31, 2015

And here I thought July was big...

So July showed 8,051 visitors and I was was pretty excited because that was more than 3000 hits more than my next highest month.  Now August is winding down and I have over 12,000 so far! (with a few more hours to go).  This is a quantum  leap in readership over the last two months.

So I am left wondering how this is happening.  One thing I am pretty sure is not happening is spam bots.
There are a few things that might account for this.  1) Naval Thunder, this is a new game to me and its had me posting the Steel Dreadnoughts Forum and that seems to have gotten me some new traffic. 2) My jump into Frostgrave introduced me to the Lead Adventure forum and another new pool of readers. Some of the traffic here definitely part of the enthusiasm for this new game.  3) I've gotten a few shout outs from War Games Recon's podcast I have not seen any referrals from his webpage but there has been a jump in web searches for "Fencing Frog" so this may have a roll. So thanks Jon 4) Throwback Thursday, this has gotten some response here and on Facebook. 5) I am sure there are other contributors I haven't pick up on.
How ever you new people got here I am glad you dropped in and I hope you stick around.  I would also like to invite any new readers to send me your blog(if you have one) so I can follow you check you out and follow you if its anything that interests me (and my interests are pretty broad as you have probably noticed).

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Electronic Brigadier Freeman's Farms(2)

 I decided to give AJ's new game system a try from the British side.  I was Pared with Bregi and faced off against Time Paul and another gent who's name I cannot now recall (sorry).  
 I had command of the Von Reidessel Hessian Brigade and Hamilton's British Brigade.
 Directly opposite me was Tim with Poor's brigade of New Hampshire and New York Continentals.
 Hessian Light troops lead the way and get an early shot on the 1st New Hampshire as they try to deploy.
 My own men are a little pinched by a grove of trees and a stream (to the left out side the picture.)
 Bergi has the British Elites and is facing Learnards Brigands
Hamilton;s men move against the New Yorkers and militia in the center.
 There is a bit of pile up partly this was by design but mostly it was the terrain (I found out about 3 tuns in the fences were considered low wall and not obstacles).
 Bergi has a nice line formed up
 Artillery get on line and starts hamming the New Hampshire and New York men
 Bergi orders a charge but it doesn't really work out
 we are now hammering them and getting hammered in turn
 Paul send Morgan's rifles on my right
 and Bergi gets charged by two units...
 and like that the British right is crumbling...
 I'm starting to make progress as the 1s New Hampshire breaks under fire
 In we go with the bayonet
 and the 2nd New York breaks
 Again the bayonets charge...
 and the Hessians exploit the hole
 And for a brief moment it looks like I will break through...
 But my own men are breaking and though Bergi is recovering its not enough
 the fine battle lines are broken and several hessian units break for the rear...
 Tim charges my gun and my gunners give them a blast of grape...
 and then run away.,,
The following data is nicked from AJ's Blog and it along with the last picture give you a sense of things.  This was an American victory though we took fewer casualties than the historic British Commanders.

British Forces
  • Army cohesion: 82.1%
  • Total Casualties: 418 / 3709 (11.3%)
  • 4 units dispersed
  • 1 shaken units
American Forces
  • Army cohesion: 84.1%
  • Total Casualties: 269 / 3740 (7.2%)
  • 2 units dispersed
  • 1 shaken units

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sinking Sister Sara: Hobby Bunker Game day

So No matter how you playtest a game on the day itself there are two things you can't control.. 1) the dice 2) the tactics you players will use. 
Curt out Lead Japanese admiral (he was joined part way through by Ben Gross) and the Japanese fleet Two Battle Cruisers, 4 Cruisers, and 4 Destroyers
The American Fleet lead by Rich Clayton begins its advance.
And take the Japanese fleet under fire... but no hits are scored.
Haruna and Kirishima under fire.
The fleets begin close so far the Chester has taken some damage bu no seriously hits are yet recorded.
Now we are at knife range after only 3 turns the quickest closing of the two fleets so far in fact this looks more like tow fleets of galleys charging straight at eachother.
Chester and Chokai are both burning Chokai was hit by the Washington and hit hard.  Chester took frie form Haruna and various cruisers. Chest is the first major ship to sink.
As you can see both sides have lost several destroyers but two Japanees destroyers are in the right pace and launch their fish...
Washington is hit by 5 Japanese Torpedoes and three punch through her armored belt... massive amounts of water is pouring in and US damage control is soon hard press.
Quincy is hit and loses two main guns.
Japanese cruisers aim at Saratoga...
Washington hits the Haruana hard with her last volley doing major damage... but return fire takes her down...
Saratoga is hit by multiple gun shots and three torpedoes hit her as well
The Japanse ships close isn 
More torpedoes fine the Saratoga and she sinks... The US was a total loss in the battle and the Japanese didn't lose a shingle ship.  Haruna and Kako were badly hit enough that one or both of them might have sunk on the way home but this was the most decisive Japanese victory of them all.